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    ?? Jiangxi Dongwei Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Futian Village Industrial Park, Gaokeng Town, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. It is connected by 320 National Highway and 319 National Highway. The Shanghai-Kunming Expressway is adjacent to the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway. It is 110 kilometers away from Changsha Huanghua International Airport. The registered capital of the company is 30.16 million, the factory covers an area o...[More]
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    High Voltage Line Pin
    High-voltage lines disc suspen
    Post insulator for high voltag
    high-voltage lines cross porce
    Tightening Insulators for Line
    post insulators
    Bushing Insulators
    Drop fuse
    railway special porcelain insu
    ESP insulator
    low-pressure overhead lines
    High voltage disconnector
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    Correct Installation Method of Insulators Correct Installation Method of Insulators
    Insulator is an indispensable component of the power grid, but also a necessary condition to ensure the smooth operation of the power grid, so the correct installation of insulators is very important. The following section describes the correct installation method of insulators. Insulators and wall-piercing bushing should be inspected before install
    The Role of Insulators The Role of Insulators
    The role of insulators: 1. Insulators are usually divided into breakdown type and non-breakdown type. 2. According to the structure, it can be divided into pillar insulator, suspension insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, tension insulator, anti-pollution insulator and bushing insulator. 3. According to the application situation, it can be
    Development of Insulators Development of Insulators
    There are more than 200 domestic line insulator manufacturers, of which about 40 have a certain scale of production. More than 100 countries in the world have adopted tempered glass insulators, with the number exceeding 200 million. Due to the acceleration of power grid construction, compared with porcelain insulators, the development of glass insul
    Basic Knowledge of Electric Porcelain Basic Knowledge of Electric Porcelain
    The Concept of 1.1.1 Electric Porcelain Electrical ceramics are abbreviated as electric ceramics. Generally speaking, electrical ceramics cover a variety of electrical ceramics, including insulating ceramics, semiconductor ceramics and so on. The electric porcelain mentioned in this plan only refers to a kind of ceramic insulators used in power indu
    Terminology for insulators Terminology for insulators
    Insulator external insulation refers to the air gap insulation and the surface insulation of insulators exposed to the atmosphere. The withstanding voltage of external insulation is closely related to atmospheric conditions. Air gap breakdown and surface flashover are the manifestations of loss of insulation performance of external insulation. Gener
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